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English - Game rules

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The throwing distance marked normally by a line on the floor at a distance of 2.37 meters (7’9”) from the face of the dartboard. Alternatively the distance can be measured as a diagonal from the Bulls Eye to the floor at 2.93m (meters)
Whilst’ throwing’ it is not permitted to step over or in front of this line.
Only darts fitted with plastic points ( “ soft tip or electronic darts”)may be used on this dartboard. Use of any other dart will damage the dartboard. The total weight of the dart shall not exceed 24gms
Each “throw” consists of 3 darts.
The electronic dartboard will indicate when each ‘throw’ should be made.
It is not obligatory to throw all 3 darts, a throw can end with 1, 2, or 3 darts at the discretion of the player.
Darts should not be removed from the board till the throw is complete, except when the dart blocks the segment or the scoring
A ‘round’ is defined as the completion of the ‘throw’ by a singles player or doubles players of the same team.
The person to throw first in the game is decided by throwing one dart at the board with the closest to the bull winning, alternatively this can be decided by the highest score from that dart or by spinning a coin or by invitation from the other player.

Playing Rules for all X01 games (301,501 etc)
The player starts with the total number of points that correspond the game to be played (301,501,701) and the objective is to reduce the total to zero.
All zones of the dart board are valid for scoring, singles, doubles, triples, outer bull and inner bull.
All points scored are subtracted from the remaining total.
A ‘bust’ occurs when the player scores more than the remaining total. In this case his score returns to that remaining total and that round is finalized.
The winner (or doubles team) achieves zero points first.
Other X01 games:

Double In: the game starts for each player only by throwing a double
Double Out: the score must be reduced to zero by throwing the last dart that scores a double.
Double In/ Double Out: The game starts and ends by throwing a double
Master In: As ‘Double in’ but can also be started by throwing a triple.
Master Out: As ‘Double Out’ but can be concluded by throwing a triple.

The object of the game is to close the list of numbers on the dartboard and at the same time obtain the highest score.
The list of numbers on the list is: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, Bulls Eye
For scoring to start the player must ‘open’ the number with 3 scores. Doubles count as 2 and triples as 3.
Once the player has ‘opened’ the number points are scored each time that number is thrown until such time that the opponent closes the number with the 3 scores. The number is then ‘closed’ and no further scoring can take place on that number.
As the game progresses the numbers are ‘closed’ and scores can be made by either player only whilst the number is ‘open’. When all numbers are closed the player with the highest score is the winner.
Cut Throat Cricket:
When a player has closed all the numbers and still has a score inferior to that of the opponent that player continues to add scores to his opponent by throwing the numbers still open. In this case the winner when all numbers are closed is the player with the lowest score.

This simple game consists of each player throwing 8 rounds of 3 darts At the end the player with the highest score wins

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