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English - How to play

Postby Admin » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:54 am

Online game:

From the App landing page, introduce your username and password and then press the "access" button to log in.

Once logged in, at the bottom of the screen click on the red "play" button.

Choose the game you want to play. 301, 501, 701, CountUp or Cricket.
Then choose the desired game mode.

We are then given two options. "Create" (create game) or "Join" (join a random created game waiting for players).

The game can have up to 4 players play simultaneously.
Each row can allow a player to be added.
"Invite" (Invite a friend that’s connected online), "Human" (add a friend to play on the same target) or "Open" (leave the door open for new players to join).

If we choose the option Human, We'll have to introduce his username and password to log in and register his scores.

Once we have the game set up we must select the "Ready" option. Once all players are ready we must click on "Start" to begin the game.

If you select the "Join" option, the system will automatically seek and join a game created by another online user.

Notice that under each game mode we can see how many users are waiting for an opponent. This number indicates the amount of open slots available to join.

Offline game: (Only available for Windows PC)

Offline mode is available for Windows PC version only.
To play an offline game, you do not need to be connected to the internet and no user accounts are needed.
Once we enter the Offline mode, the system will prompt you to enter a player name, you can make it up if you like as no stats are saved.
Once complete, you will then have to choose the type of game you want to play, 301, 501, 701, Count Up or cricket with the desired game modes.

We then click on "Create" (create game).

We can add a maximum of 4 players per game, and we’ll have to choose whether we want to play against the computer or against a real player that’s with us.
If we play against a real player, select the "Human" option. Then enter a name for that player and validate with the "Done" button.
In case you want to play against the machine, select the "Bot" option.
Select the desired level for the Bot as there are 5 levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to more difficult.
Once you selected the level of difficulty with which we want to play, validate by pressing the "Done" button

Once introduced players start the game by pressing the "Start" button.

It's time to start playing !!!

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