English - How to install HiDarts board

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English - How to install HiDarts board

Postby Admin » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:39 am

Installing the Dartboard is quick and easy.
With only 4 simple steps your board should be installed and ready to play.

Get started!

Step 1: Set up your Board

- Template:
Use the template included with your board or download it from here: http://forum.hidartsshop.com/gettingstartedEn.pdf

Measure and stick the stencil on the wall where you wish to hang your board. Make sure the dotted line is at exactly 2m height from the floor.

- Drill:
Mark both holes (A & B) from the template on the wall and use 6mm masonry drill to make both holes.

- Screws:
Place both plugs in the holes, insert the screws and tighten. Make sure they are secure.

- Mounting:
Hang your HiDarts board onto both supporting screws and make sure it is firmly held in place against the wall. Remove the board and further tighten the screws if necessary until board is flush against the wall.

- Power up:
Use the USB cable to plug directly into PC, or use the adapter to connect your board to the current for tablet and Smartphone use.

Step 2: Download our HiDarts app

Available from the AppStore, Google play and from [url]app.hidarts.com[/url] for the Windows PC version.

Step 3 Synchronize your board

Connect your HiDarts board directly to your Windows PC by USB, or synchronize your board with your home Wifi network for use on tablets and smart phones.
Follow the instructions supplied with the board or visit our forum section on how to syncronize board.


Step 4 Create your profile and start playing darts

Once your board has been connected and synchronized correctly, open up the HiDarts app and start creating your account. Register your username and password and start playing darts!

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