English - Our Company HiDarts Home SL.

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English - Our Company HiDarts Home SL.

Postby Admin » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:26 am

Started in 2015, Hi Darts Home S.L. is a new independent company created with the goal of introducing the latest technologies into the sport of darts.

We are an innovative team based in Spain with years of experience in the darts industry that have combined our expertise in electronics, manufacturing and programming to produce one of the world’s first online interactive soft-tip dartboards for domestic use.

Our love for the sport together with our passion for quality has ensured the development of a unique dartboard design with one of a kind software features that are new to the world of darts as we know it.

The results of our enthusiasm, passion and dedication have allowed us to follow our objectives and stay true to our initial goals. It is because of this that we’d like to introduce you to a new chapter in the history of darts.

Join us in saying hello to the world of online darts, Say Hi Darts!

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